oral sex god zayn malik

this is where dulosis puts excess one direction feelings to spare disinterested followers.

i redid my pinup doll direction so:

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remember that time one direction livetweeted their own tour dvd

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28 January 2013, HQ [uncut version]


28 January 2013, HQ [uncut version]

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Poor Zayn, he’s a better gift to the world than anything the world could ever give him for his birthday.

#what do you get the man who is everything

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Well, okay, um. We all know Zayn is really hot, right? Like this is indisputable fact. His aesthetic beauty and magnetism is just something you literally can’t deny, like I don’t even think it’s subjective at this point, I think his absolutely symmetrical face and big dark eyes and lovely floppy hair all combine to create the perfect storm of yes and the only poeple who say no are liars or people who are on a deeper, subconscious level lying to themselves.

So this post isn’t about how gorgeous Zayn is externally. It’s about the reasons Zayn is so wonderful on the inside. Here goes:

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"I just wanted somebody to tell me I could sing"

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